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Half Yard Sewing Club
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 01 January 2019
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213369
  • Stock: 6 in stock
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 120
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: $29.99
  • Series: Debbie Shore’s Sewing Room Secrets
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Debbie Shore's Sewing Room Secrets: Machine Sewing


Top tips and techniques for successful sewing by Debbie Shore

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Book Description

Step into Debbie Shore’s sewing room, where she will share with you her expert tips, techniques and trade secrets for successful sewing.

In this first book in her new Sewing Room Secrets series, Debbie Shore walks you through every aspect of machine sewing, revealing her top tips and providing in-depth and helpful guidance every step of the way.

Starting by looking at sewing room essentials, Debbie then guides you around your sewing machine and explains all the tools and materials you might need, including wadding/batting, interfacing, fabrics and threads. There’s a handy troubleshooting section to reassure and guide you when you encounter problems.

Debbie covers the key techniques you need to know, including inserting zips and piping, using shirring elastic, free-motion embroidery and appliqué. Debbie’s focus is on craft and home items, but she also includes some dressmaking and quilting tips for those looking to explore other areas.

The ten beautiful projects help you learn the techniques as you progress through the book, beginning with a simple pincushion before moving on to a pillow cover, a tablet case, a drawstring bag, a sewing machine mat and more.

Table of Contents

About this book 5
About me 6
My quick tips 7
Sewing room essentials 9
My sewing room 10
Sewing machines 12
Tools 22
Fabrics 28
Fabric terminology 30
Wadding 32
Interfacing 34
Threads 35
Toy filler for softies 36
DIY templates 37
Storage 38
Sewing know-how 40
Machine stitches 42
Seams 46
Cutting 48
Hems 49

PROJECT Heart pincushion 50
Zips 52
Piping 58
PROJECT Pillow cover 60
Shirring  62
Free-motion embroidery 63
PROJECT Shirring dress 64
Bias binding 66
PROJECT Toaster cover 68
Appliqué 70
PROJECT Drawstring bag 72
Bag techniques 74
PROJECT Tablet case 78
PROJECT Frame purse 82
Quilting 84
PROJECT Machine mat 86
Dressmaking  88
PROJECT Bolster pillow 90
PROJECT Tote bag 92

Index 96

About the Author

About Debbie Shore

Debbie Shore is a best-selling and award-winning author. She began her career as a children's television presenter and since then has appeared regularly as an actress in various popular dramas and as a presenter on shopping channels. Debbie has developed her own range of fabrics, designed her own patterns, writes for several popular sewing magazines and has written over 30 books for Search Press with several more underway. Over 800,000 copies of her books have been sold worldwide. She is the winner of Craft Influencer of the Year 2020 in the Craft Business Awards, and Social Media Influencer of the Year 2019 in the British Sewing Awards.

Debbie has over 285,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which has over 30 million views. In 2018, Debbie launched her Half Yard Sewing Club, a monthly subscription service based on the mega-selling Half Yard series, and won the 2019 IPG Digital Publishing Award. For more details about the club visit

Debbie lives in Lincolnshire, UK. Visit her website:


Customer review

Brilliant book - exactly what I needed to revitalise and improve on my outdated and rusty skills. Debbie Shore is a star!!

Customer review

Debbie is the person who got me into sewing, the way she explains things makes it seem so simple, like you are listening to a friend! This book covers so many aspects for a beginner, or even someone returning to sewing who wants to refresh their knowledge. It includes information on thread, fabric, interfacing, sewing feet and tools, different types of stitches on a sewing machine, piping, bag making and tutorials for zips, seams and applique that can be applied to several projects. There are also ten tutorials for actual projects, such as a pin cushion, cushion cover and tablet case to name a few!

Customer review

Firstly its a beautifully-produced book, thick glossy pages with lovely pictures. More importantly it is absolutely perfect for a beginner as it explains sewing terminology - bias binding zips, pockets and equipment needed. An expert in sewing would love the book as a handy go to for more tips and hints and maybe find ways of making their projects that bit more professional, for example zip placements on cushion covers. The patterns included are versatile and something you could use for many occasions. I love the toaster cover!

Customer review

Step by step approach to sewing. Clearly laid out with some lovely projects to work on. Great for a sewing novice who wants to improve their skills!

Customer review

This book explains each technique carefully, accompanied by useful photos. There are also 10 projects which use those techniques, again with stage by stage instructions and more photos. At the start of each project there is a list of the skills that will be used. Although I was already familiar with some of the techniques, there were others that I was pleased to be reminded of and some that were new to me. There is also a useful introductory section which includes, for example, the different types of wadding available and what they are ideal for. This would be an ideal book for anyone at the beginning of their sewing journey, but there is also plenty here for those of us who have more experience. As a dressmaker, I am pleased to see sections on quilting, bag making and free-motion embroidery which would extend my skills. Overall I feel that this is a well thought out book with lots of useful tips and techniques.

Customer review

This is a beautiful, inviting book to read. I have quite a bit of sewing experience but I still found lots of enlightening content, such as areas on free motion embroidery (which Ive always avoided!) and piping explained in Debbies usual clear terminology. The section on zips is useful and clearly illustrated which is helpful as I forget some of them if Ive not done one for some time. Its a great book for refreshing techniques if like me youve done some sewing before but would be very helpful for those starting out as everything is clearly written. The projects are cute, not taxing but good for practising the techniques. The colour photos are fab. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend this lovely book to every one interested in sewing.

Machine Knitting Monthly

Step into a sewing room and share some expert tips, techniques and trade secrets for successful sewing. In this first book in a new series, we explore every aspect of machine sewing with top tips providing in-depth and helpful guidance every step of the way.

East Kent Embroiderers Guild

In her latest book Debbie invites the reader into her own sewing room, to explore the tools and equipment, fabric and threads that she uses, and to share her sewing secrets, hints and tips. She presents ten gorgeous projects, each with detailed step-by-step instructions. Be it a simple pincushion, a toaster cover or tablet case, each project showcases a different technique, such as applique, or piping or inserting a zip, designed to expand knowledge and build confidence and the completed item makes an attractive addition for the home or a perfect gift. This book is ideal for the new sewer, or for those wishing to build their skills. Excellent value for money.

Sew Magazine - Issue 121 (March 2019)

Debbie Shore's unmissable book, Sewing Room Secrets brings you ten must-make projects to build your confidence! This read is jam-packed with tips for successful machine sewing, such as the essentials you need in the craft room, troubleshooting tips and a glossary to help debunk unfamiliar terms.

As it says on the cover, this book contains top tips and techniques for successful sewing. I expected a book for beginners and this is all that, but there is also plenty of use for experienced machine users too. There are useful tips for buying a machine to start with, complete with a diagram of a typical basic model with all the parts named. Troubleshooting and maintenance advice follows, along with a guide to common types of foot and needle. Discover what basic items you need and why you need them, plus a guide to different fabric typesI certainly wish I had had this book when I was starting out!

Other topics covered include threads, interfacing, wadding, toy filler and even storage. I dont own all of the items listed in the Tools section so dont worry if you dont either; this is very much a personal list but a good book like this tells you what is out there so you can decide what you need.

The rest of the book takes you through a number of basic techniques from basic seams to putting in a zipper, using piping, making pleats and hemming. This is not only a book for the garment maker as there are also tips for quilters, toy makers, free machine embroiderers and of course no Debbie Shore book would be complete without a section on bags. There are some projects to try out your new skills including a tablet case, toaster cover, bolster pillow and several bags. All techniques and projects have staged photographs and I confess I learned a lot (and unlearned a few bad habits). Modern materials are covered too so you can find out how to put in a bag frame, apply snaps and bag locks. Throughout the book there are numerous sections of tips and jargon busters, so even if you know nothing about sewing you will by the end of the book. This is a really useful book that belongs on the keeper shelf of anybody who owns (or plans to buy) a sewing machine.

Hot Brands Cool Places

Some people prefer to embroider using a machine and in this comprehensive guide to machine sewing Debbie explains how to use a sewing machine to create free-motion embroidery. There is the added bonus that if you have a machine sitting unused, or you wish to use a machine to create other things this book really is a very useful guide to getting the best out of your machine. 

Craft Focus Magazine, Issue 71 (Feb/March 2019)

Crafting superstar Debbie Shore shares more stitching know-how in her latest collaboration with Search Press. Sewing Room Secrets: Machine Sewing includes plenty of expert tips and helpful guidance, starting with a look at tools and materials. Debbie covers important techniques such as inserting zips and piping, using shirring
elastic, motion-free embroidery and appliqué. Theres a focus on craft and home
décor projects, as well as dressmaking and quilting advice for readers looking to broaden their skills. The book also features 10 eye-catching makes including a pincushion, pillow cover, tablet case, drawstring bag and sewing machine mat. 

Postcard Reviews

What Debbie Shore does with her fabulous new book Sewing Room Secrets is take the sewist back to basics.

If you are a novice stitcher this book is perfect for you, and if you have been sewing for what seems like an age then it is a brilliant guide to reminding you of some of the things you might have forgotten.

With ten projects included, Bags, Pillow covers, and a gorgeous Toaster cover, each project gives you the chance to use the techniques given and end up with a fabulous and professional looking usable item.

Debbie Shore also makes suggestions on how to organise your sewing space to make it more user friendly and practical. Advice on what you need to start your sewing journey is included , a full guide on which sewing machine to buy and what the different parts are and what they do. and even what feet is best for your sewing project.

Tips and techniques are explained in a simple language that everyone understands. I love how Debbie doesn't bombard us with 'sewing speak' that some professionals use.

What I love about this book is that everything is covered. Zips, Applique and so much more. Even shirring is explained and demonstrated, this is something I have never done but do plan on having a go.

This book is brilliant. It is beautifully presented and the photography gives a visual guide that makes everything come to life in perfect fashion.

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