18 May 2017


BC Paperback

155x215 mm



48 pages

Search Press

Twenty to Make

20 to Stitch: One-Patch Quilts

by Carolyn Forster

Carolyn Forster, who is an expert quilter, provides the inspiration for making these simple quilts, using a range of lovely fabrics. A one patch quilt is essentially a patchwork quilt made from a single repeating shape. This is the simplest type of quilt you can make, but with carefully chosen coordinating patterns and colours, the results can be stunning.

The book contains 20 projects, each using a different-shaped patch; for example, there is a rectangle, a hexagon, a square, a triangle, a diamond, a clam shape, an apple core shape and so on. The quilts range from those based on a random selection of plain and patterned fabrics, to those that use just two or three different-coloured plain fabrics stitched together to form an interesting geometric design.

On each project page there is a template for the basic shape, reproduced at actual size, and some basic instructions for arranging the shapes and stitching them together, showing some different ways of making a design using colour and pattern.

Instructions at the start of the book explain how to enlarge the template if you want to make a larger quilt, and some basic quilting techniques, plus some guidance on how many shapes are needed to make a particular size of quilt.

This book is a fabulous source of ideas and inspiration for simple patchwork quilt designs that are quick and satisfying to make, while also being beautiful.

Book Contents


  1. Squares
  2. Half-square Triangle
  3. Quarter-square Triangle
  4. Rectangle Triangle
  5. Rectangle
  6. House or Prism
  7. Tile or Double Prism
  8. 45-degree Diamond
  9. 60-degree Diamond
  10. Kite
  11. Equilateral Triangle
  12. Tumbler
  13. Half-square
  14. Half-hexagon
  15. Braid
  16. Clam Shell
  17. Jewel
  18. Offset Square
  19. Hexagon
  20. Apple Core

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